With eight collisions a day, TTC bus crashes becoming routine

National Post | News

A Sunday morning bus crash into a downtown building drew attention because of its downtown location, but is a routine occurrence for Canada’s busiest transit agency.

Between April 2011 and April 2012 the TTC reported 3,015 surface collisions, 8 a day, involving buses and streetcars colliding with everything from buildings to bikers, according to TTC data released Monday.

The data show that, on 431 occasions through this April, buses collided with fixed objects such as buildings or signage. Buses hit 33 cyclists, 55 pedestrians, 1,589 other vehicles, 179 TTC vehicles and 55 “other” things. The TTC currently operates 1,819 buses and 247 streetcars.

The most common collision for both buses and streetcars was with a vehicle, with 1583 and 587 incidents respectively.

Streetcar collisions are rarer, because there are fewer streetcars than buses, they travel on tracks and they move more slowly than buses.

Despite the number of collisions, however…

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